Wednesday, June 18, 2008

is this about The Jim or Bob

This is a story about a man, a rather fat man to be exact. He was on his way..... let us call this fat man Bob yes Bob is a name which reflects his being, On with story... he was on his way to the Jim.. Now this is not the Jim you are thinking of. This Jim.. also known as "The Jim" is simply one of his friends...He is none other than.. "The Jim" that Has been named Jim.. Why is his name The Jim.... we don't really know.. But Bob had an idea. It came to him while he was sitting next to.. a large body of people.. The Jim's name is, the Jim because.. It reflects his personalty...then he thought to himself this can not be true.. because brak obama .. sounds like a the next president.. no, no he said to himself.. this can not he let it go, never to know why his friend which he knew for so long( 9days) why his name that His parental Guardian gave him.. THE JIM.. Bob has give up..

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