Friday, May 23, 2008

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1.if you where alone in walmart what side of the ail would you walk on you enjoy doing nothing

3.why do you think your here ( in the world)

4.what is your goal in life you consider your self good looking you like to travel you want chocolate ( right now) you like to seeing people fail

9. do you know what God wants from your life

10.if you trip do you A. laugh at your self and make a joke. or B.. feel miscible and go cry in a corner


Life As A Spaz said...

lagh at myself and make a joke of coarse

Sarah Sellers said...

1. The right Side

2. Yea, Most defanantly

3. cuz God ut me here

5. I know it's conceded but somtimes I do
4. my Goal is to be the best I can be for the Lord jesus Christ and do Exactly wat He wants me to do...

6. sometimes when it's where I want to go

7. YES!!!!

8. when It's ppl I dont like

9. not yet I'm still figuring that out

10. A. laugh at myself

Caitlin said...

cool blog name...

1. the right side
2. yes, asolutly because i day dream and that's pretty much a hobbie so i luv doin nothing.
3. same as sarah, cuz God put me here.
4. well, i have a lot but my ultimate goal is to bring glory to God.
5. not really, i guess sometimes...
6. yeah, i think it's fun, sometimes i don't. I would really like to travel around the world.
7. uh, i always want chocolate.
8. no, even if i don't like them i feel sry for them when they fail. well, there's a couple ppl i think i didn't feel sry 4....
9.not yet.
10. most of the time i laugh at myself n make a joke, if it's a bad day i laugh and cry.

Anonymous said...

1. Left side...strong side:)

2. Sometimes as long as the doing nothing isn't boring, because I don't like being bored.

3. I'm here to honor and praise God, and to tell people about Jesus.

4. I'd like to tell as many people about Jesus as I can, and also I want to get spiritually ready to be the wife that I can be for my future husband...I guess in a nutshell my goal is to be like my mom:)

5. I look exactly how God wanted me to look...if that's "good looking" than I'm happy:)

6. Love it!

7. Always...

8. No...but God knows what he's doing. And if people have to fail so that they'll get back on the right track, than failing is a good thing.

9. God wants me to be all that I can be for him...and once again tell people about Jesus, and live what I believe.

10. I would have to say C. pull the person next to you down too, so that you don't have to fall alone:) Ha!

from:Crista O.

Anonymous said...

1. right side!

2. HECK no! lol im so bored rite now...

3. i think i am here because God put me here... for his own reasons!

4. my goal in life is to become a singer/actress on broadway

5. ..... yes, i do consider myself good looking.... sometimes... depends on my mood that day and how long it took me to get ready! lol

6. I love to travel!

7. mm.... no..... ive had too many sweets today!

8. if i am competing against them then yes, i do like to see people fail! ... is that bad? lol

9. im not entirely sure what God wants from my life.. i'm still trying to figure it out.

10. A. laugh at myself and make a joke! i'd think it was hilarious cuz i am VERY clumsy!

Anonymous said...

1. in the middle(:
2. yes, cause i'm always going, I never get a break.
3. that's a hard question, I don't really know yet, hope to find out soon though.
4. to be successful, and have a nice healthy family when i'm older.
5. yeah i guess so, not the best though.
6. yes!
7. noo.
8. no, it makes me feel sad for them.
9. no, not really.