Friday, May 16, 2008

I love guitar

I just got back from my one of friends graduation IT WAS CRAZING over 2,500 hundred people that's allot of people. trust me I would know I was there, any way while In the mist of all those people screaming for there graduating friends. I thought to my self I sure wish that they could here the Gospel, that was my first thought. then I wanted to play guitar in fort them... that would be awesome.. I love that nerves feeling right before your fixing to get in front of a huge crowd. and then finally when you git on stage it's like time stands still I LOVE IT. all most as much as coffee and that's saying something.


Caitlin said...

I accept the bet. so do u know what a breve is? 2,500 people is crazy! that was a cool thought...u no the one about everyone hearing the gosple. I luv that nervous feeling too, i don't really like to do stuff in public i like playing for myself, but once i do i'm really happy. why is sarah NEVER on her blog?

Anonymous said...

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee...I love coffee too:)! Especially Nepali coffee...yummy!!!