Thursday, May 29, 2008

Do you have the joy of God in your life

the purpose of this blog.. is not to make people laugh (even though I feel like that is very important)... Do you think God went around looking depressed.,. never being joyful always down...THAT IS NOT MY GOD. He WAS the prefect example of what a Christin should have in their life.. read Gal.. 5.22-23.... the fruit of the spirit.. I believe the reason that most Christian's are so depressed and always down is
1. they have never experience the grace of God.or
2.. they have forgotten what it feels like to be saved...
they have gotten caught up in routine... come to church sing 3 songs ,pray, then preach for 1 hour... and go home.,.,. HEY WHEN GOD comes in to a church you may not have preaching or singing maybe just maybe you could just praise His wonderful name...
YOU CAN NOT put GOD on A schedule...)...anyway the purpose of this blog is to encourage people,., and make them see that just because you are Christian does not mean that you can't have fun. Honestly do you believe that God was not joyful...... but I will say that your life belongs to GOD and what ever He wants from your life you should give


Sellers Family said...

I know it may not be cool for your mom to leave a comment but I just wanted you to know I am very proud of you and your blog and always enjoy reading it. Keep up the good work.

A.J. said...

Nice thoughts, John.

I hope your mom starts making really embarrassing comments. That would make my day.